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Tucked into a dark corner of a forgotten circus the last of his kind, The Unicorn, spins stories of hope, love, and other miserable excuses. With a whiskey soaked voice The Unicorn teases out stories inspired by those around him, fuelled by their hopes, dreams, and lust for the comedy of sadness.

A new type of cabaret that emphasises the story over the song, the tale over the tune. Anyone with a Casio and a metronome can sing, but what about casting a spell with words and metaphors? Accompanied by a rotating cast of found-on-the-day musicians, The Unicorn weaves a night never to be repeated, but always remembered.

A unique story cabaret featuring live music and Derek Flores, "a magnificent improviser and story teller, intertwining genuine pathos, and mincing snarky bathos.", who returns to the Australian festival circuit after 10 years away. His former comedy troupe, The 3 Canadians, made a name for themselves with fast paced and anarchic comedy, The Unicorn continues the tradition of spontaneous comic theatre.

The Unicorn


Festival Show Dates

No upcoming festival shows

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