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The Mighty Little Puppet Show

The Mighty Little Puppet Show. is an improvised puppet show.

However the Mighty Littles are unique because you can instantly create your characters, live on stage depending what your scene, the audience or the other improvisers need. 


The Mighty Little puppets are all blank but with the aid of a huge board at the back of the stage, filled with different eyes, ears, noses, wigs, hats etc... these can be attached to the puppets to create unique characters. Then at the end of the scene they can be returned to the board and the puppets are ready to start all over again with the next scene.


Cast include: David Innes, Lliam Amor, Caitlin Yolland, Scott McAteer, Amy Moule, Matt Saraceni, Michelle Nussey, Rob Lloyd and special guests!

Festival Show Dates

No upcoming festival dates

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